Witness appeal re :

The  missing pilot,  August 19, 1944 in Normandy

Saint Germain de Montgommery/Sainte Foy de Montgommery, Vimoutiers





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Cliquer sur la lettreMichel Rainfroy and Pierre Guegan, of the ANSA, Norman Association for the Arial Memory, investigate to know what happened to disappeared pilots during WWII. "So that names may be put on  sepultures", for History and Memory.

On Monday Fev 25th, 2008, they were in the villages of  Saint-Germain de Montgommery, Sainte Foy de Montgommery and Vimoutiers questing for any tiny indication that would allow them to locate Sergent François Bonnet's body.
This French pilot, a former legionary, born on the 26th July 1917 at Ancona, Italy,
trained originally with 57 OTU at Eshott before flying with Free French Alsace squadrons 341 and 342 and then joined 198 Squadron RAF on the 19th July 1944. His plane, a Typhoon, was shot down on August 19, 1944 nearby the village of Saint Germain de Montgommery. François Bonnet was able to safely eject but then was taken POW. "We know that on August 20, he was maintened in captivity in a barn of Saint Germain de Montgommery with the English Georges Lane, of the same squadron".  Georges Lane later reported that François Bonnet had been injured when the tail plane of his aircraft had caught him behind the left knee when bailing out. François Bonnet would have attempted to escape and would then have been killed. Sqn/Ldr Y.Ezanno made repeated efforts to locate Flt/Sgt Bonnet's remains, but without any luck.

Michel Rainfroy and Pierre Guegan met Charles de Boever, living in Saint Germain de Montgommery, a witness who remembers that he saw an English-uniform-dressed pilot's body in a nearby ditch, either in Saint Germain or in Sainte Foy de Montgommery. Today, an appeal is launched to anyone who would be able to give information regarding this body that could probably be Francois Bonnet's. "We would like to know whether he was taken in charge by civilians, Canadian troups or any others and thenceforth, where the body was buried".


For any information : please contact Michel Rainfroy

"The sleeper in the Valley"

1944 bombardment