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Market Place




La Vie, the river

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Hôtel de Ville,Tribunal de Commerce




 built in 1828

Townhall - Commercial Court


the Town hall nowadays

LIKE the Town hall nowadays

Rebuilding the Town hall



La Halle au Blé, the wheat building




The wheat would be sold on the market place near the church up to the construction of the Halle in 1840. Then, the ground floor was allotted to wheat sales and the first floor to the Law Court. At the beginning of the XXth century, wheat were no longer sold and the building was used as rooms for gymnastics, theater, music and still the Law Court. 


the place nowadays


Former "gendarmerie"




Former headquarters of the "gendarmes" ie headquarter of state police force. The second one was destroyed by 1944 bombings.


La gendarmerie nowadays 




L'Auberge de l'Ecu 




 The legend tells that Alain Duke of Brittany ... was poisoned in this Inn, Auberge de l’Ecu, on October 1st 1040. Actually the event took place in Montgommery Castle, 1,5 km from Vimoutiers. Then Duke Alain’s body was brought back to Vimoutiers, laid in a room at the first floor of this Inn, then transferred in Saint Sauveur Church and finally was conveyed to the Abbey of Fecamp.


On Roger de Montgomeri's land

More about Mont Gommeri



Hôtel du Soleil d'Or - the Fountain on the market place



on the Place Cour-aux-Moines/Monks yard. The second view is an annex of the hotel, at the very place where the four banal/village furnace used to be. The public fountain, right hand picture, was inaugurated in 1823. After the 1944 bombings, the fountain was rebuilt with the remaining parts and placed in the square of the Pilot Club International.


le Soleil d'Or nowadays 

the Fountain nowadays 


Hotels, cafés ...





*Le Petit Vimoutiers, La Couronne, Le¨Point de France, le café de l'Equerre


*Le "Petit Vimoutiers", after the name of a cheese


la Couronne nowadays

le Café de l'Equerre nowadays



Les Bains-Douches



ie Public bath and shower facilities built in 1931, located rue Crestey. Factually, the rue Crestey goes along the market place opposite to the Halle. It was previously named rue du Fais-Cuit. After June 14, 1944, the Public bath were settled rue Louis Pasteur in the building which initially, in 1862, was a School and then, still nowadays, the School of Music


Pierre Crestey fonded the  Hospice of Vimoutiers



At the railway station



inside the bags ? ... apples !

Inaugurated on Dec 31st, 1881, closed to travelers on May 5, 1938, desmolished in October, 2006. Railways original map aka "Interbifur".


Se also  THE bus  !


L'école communale des garçons




Boys school, inaugurated on September the 1st, 1891

The school nowadays 


La maison "Poste & Télégraphes"




"Until the XVIIIth century, no service, the letters were collected at the canvas and cretonne shop (twice a week) and were delivered to recipients when encuntered. 1783, first approach for a post office. 1792, first Postmaster. Finally in 1820, a daily service is created after repeated requests by the village merchants"

The place nowadays  The Post Office nowadays 


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