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Monday September 13, 1869 : "REGIONAL & MUSICAL CONTEST"

"The regional contest of Vimoutiers, department of Orne, has been one of the most successful. We were written from this town, on September the 13th, that a very special bovine, equine and horticultural exhibition was held for three days.

We know that the department of Orne is a breeding land, mainly of oxen and horses, and our reporter tells us that he seldom saw highest specimen than those shown in this agriculture contest.

The town of Vimoutiers took this opportunity to launch a Music contest show which proved to be gorgeous. Baron and Deputy Mackau had accepted to preside the contest in which many Music Groups participated. There can be no doubt that Art as well as Agriculture are evidently progressing in the department of Orne. M.V." 

LE MONDE ILLUSTRE, Weekly newspaper

"Le numero : 35c. in Paris, 40c. in railway stations" 



size of the drawing : 23x17cm ie 1/2 page




Gymnastics Club

"La Jeanne d'Arc"  

Sunday July 18, 1909 : Competition of the F.G.S.P.F.

Federation of Church youth club for Gymnastics and Sport in France

Sport union,

Society of military  preparation


"Mouvement de cerceaux"




The Military Mass



La Baraque à Décousu



posted in 1902


Contexte sportif à l'aube du 20ème siècle




Union Noëliste de Vimoutiers, July 2, 1907



Groupe Noëliste vimonastérien, July 30, 1911



kermesse de la LPDF


Card posted on July the 5th, 1907



La Fête Dieu

 Corpus Christi



Card posted en 1912



Lâcher de pigeons-voyageurs

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