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La Vie, the river

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Vimoutiers surroundings


La Hunière, Vimoutiers


Laurel Cottage with the House of the Clock built in 1728 and modified beginning of the XXth century, when the stable barn was converted into a workshop for the artists. The Briant family, friend of Armand Leleux, one of the favourite pupils of Ingres, and Jean-Baptiste Farochon, sculptor, welcomed Camille Corot, forerunner of  the impressionist movement.


Nowadays :   Route de la Hunière   La Hunière   Laurel Cottage/House of the clock


Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot, 1796-1875

"The perfectly optical painter with a perfectly innocent eye"

"Heathery hills near Vimoutiers"


Oil on canvas 32x48

Pushkin museum collection, Moscou

Auction of the Verdier et Ho-schede collection, Paris, 1875 - 1875/1892, Tretyakov collection, Moscou. Exhibitions : 1875, Paris - 1939, 1955 Moscou - 1956 Leningrad - 1960, Moscou

"Way at the edge of the forest at Vimoutiers"

Oil on canvas 40x56

Private collection


Another impressionist painter having sojourned in Vimoutiers


"Corot's letter to Alexandre Dumas of August 6, 1865, in which the artist writes of his intention to visit Normandy (Vimoutiers), as well as G. Bazin's statement about Corot's sojourn in Vimoutiers, allow for the assumption that the picture was painted in 1865. Artpprojekt/Pushkin museum". Alfred Robaut in "Oeuvre de Corot" also mentions a sojourn in Vimoutiers the same year.


"There is only one master here - Corot. We are nothing compared to him, nothing" Claude Monet, 1897

"He is still the strongest, he anticipated everything..." Edgar Degas, 1883

Camille Corot


Pushkine Museum

Artprojekt/Pushkine Museum